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Written by Andrew Greenstein & Lori White

1. Distribute, distribute, distribute. Resumes are unlikely to be effective if they are sitting on your desk or your hard drive. Resume distribution is a game of numbers - the more you send out, the greater your chances of getting a phone call for an interview.

2. Customize each resume. Tweak some details and keywords in your resume to customize it to a particular employer. Remove irrelevant information and insert vital details to enable you to come across as the candidate they are looking for.

3. Always include a cover letter! Sending a resume without a cover letter

is like wearing a suit and dress shirt without the tie. A cover letter is an introductory document that acts to persuade the reader to review your resume. More importantly, customize your cover letter as best as you can, going to great lengths to find out who is in charge of hiring to be sure your resume lands on their desk or in their Inbox. Also, a cover letter serves as a "sneak peek" into the resume - don't repeat the content of your resume in the letter.

4. Follow-up! If you have done your research to obtain the name of the hiring manager, go a little further and find a phone number. If after a few days of submitting your resume you have not received a phone call, be proactive and give them a call. This reiterates your interest and demonstrates initiative on your part. You may be fortunate enough to schedule an interview during that call.

5. If you are e-mailing your resume, send a hard copy as well. If you are mailing or dropping off a hard copy, e-mail your resume also. You are doubling the chances that the person in charge of hiring will see and read your resume, which increases the possibility of receiving that telephone call for an interview.

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