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     Be wary of companies who claim that their resume writing skills will get you a job. The purpose of a resume is to get a job interview. Your goal at a job interview should then be to get a job. A good resume rarely possesses the ability to determine whether or not you'll be hired.. Instead, a good resume influences whether or not you'll be called in for an interview. That said, we create resumes for our clients with interview appeal in mind. Every document we produce is checked, evaluated, and measured in-house for its appeal level before being sent out. Our goal is to make your resume stick out, to grab the attention of prospective employers, and to persuade them to call you in for an interview -- even in situations where your resume might have otherwise been brushed to the side or put in the "pile" of others that never get called at all.

   So, how can I go about finding job interviews?
Only a very small percentage of available jobs are actually even advertised in newspapers and online employment databases. This is particularly true when it comes to listings for "higher end" positions. Along with every resume created, we provide a free tutorial on how to find a job -- looking down roads you might otherwise not be looking down at all. Provided at NO additional charge, this invaluable tool can give you an edge on locating positions you probably would never find by merely "flipping" through the classified section of your Sunday newspaper! Additionally, our order form will provide you with the option to add-on a "job search" --where we will a) locate at least 30 prospective employers in your field/area and b) print-address your cover letter to them each individually.  In the meantime, follow an organized job-acquisition plan step-by-step: First, let's work to get you some more job interviews...