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How to Communicate Your Skills to a Potential Employer

  It is certainly true that the majority of people find it difficult to talk about themselves.  Some individuals find it virtually impossible to rationally discuss who they are and what they could do for a potential employer.  This type of modesty and diffidence is certainly admirable but is not going to help you obtain the job you need.  It is absolutely imperative to learn how to communicate your abilities quickly, concisely and effectively.   

  Here is a methodology that we have found works well for almost all people:

  During your job search, well prior to interview activity, take some time and construct a “personal inventory.”  This is a summation of your skills, abilities and capacities vis-à-vis the type of employment you are seeking.   

  Once the general list is complete, evaluate it and identify the “ten key skills” you possess that would be of most interest to an employer in your target industry/function.  When you have identified these skills, you should then consider what is the single best specific example demonstrating your proficiency in this area…  or in other words, a “story” from your career.   

  With the example in mind, script out a sequential roll-out of the event, i.e. problem, action, result.  Results are always best illustrated through quantification involving numbers, dollars, percentages.   

  Translate the written script into a verbal presentation.  Hone and edit it to a compact 60-90 seconds.  Be sure to name the ability at the beginning and repeat it at the end so there is no mistake as to the subject.  

Practice, practice, practice. 

  You will find this intensive preparation will make the actual interview much easier and you will clearly show the interviewer your abilities, whereas a similar, or even more qualified candidate, may fail and be screened out. 

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