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What If I Have Had Too Many Jobs?

  You didn’t start off planning to change jobs every year. But you’re a Gemini, and consistency and predictability just aren’t in your vocabulary. You worked your way through college as a hand model, a clerk in a crafts store, and an off-off-Broadway stage manager. You’ve worked as a curator in an art gallery, served as an activities director on a cruise line, and designed jewelry. Now, five years down the road, you’re ready to settle down to a 401k plan and benefits. But there’s that nasty tag line in the job advertisement: two years’ experience required.

  Two years’ experience at what? You’ve had experience at everything – but, without a little help from you, conventional employers might not see it that way. 

  First off, you’re a prime candidate for a functional (rather than a chronological) resume. A functional resume would allow you to group jobs in which you had some kind of management/coordination experience (the stage manager, the gallery curator, and the activities director) as opposed to those involving more subordinate endeavors (modeling, craft sales, jewelry design). You clearly have had two years experience in either one of these broad areas, if not in any one job. In addition, you can use this strategy to categorize the same six jobs in different ways (management/retail/art?), which may help in slanting the resume toward a particular opportunity. 

  You’ll want to start the resume off by making it clear that you are extremely well-rounded and embrace challenges. As opposed to most people, who want to suggest they’ve mastered as many different skills as possible, you want give the impression that your many jobs actually reflect a mastery of related skills -- creativity, organization, multi-tasking, and a thorough knowledge of the art and entertainment industries -- that have been repeated and expanded in each of your positions. And you should balance the apparent “flightiness” of your past jobs by describing your duties there in bullets that make you sound grounded, diligent, and in control.

  Having too many jobs in your employment history can be a jobhunting challenge – but it can also be a tremendous personal strength. You just have to tweak your resume to reflect that. 

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