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How Long Should Your Resume Be?

  One or two pages, or as long as it needs to be? Both answers are basically correct. But before you send out a five page resume (not a good idea), read these tips for creating a resume of the perfect length.

  First let’s think about what the purpose of a resume is. Your resume is intended to be a summary of your education and work experience. The operative word here is summary. You don’t need to tell potential employers everything you ever did. You need to choose accomplishments that are so impressive that they will inspire someone to hire you.

  What would qualify as “impressive”? Selling used cars, in and of itself, is not impressive. Being the top agency salesman during the last quarter of 2006 is impressive. Serving food at a restaurant is not impressive. Managing the restaurant so efficiently that its revenues increase 150% is. But so is coordinating a restaurant-based effort to feed the hungry. Describe your job in one or two clear, well-crafted lines, but then embellish this with two or three bullets showing how you made a real difference at that company.

  Follow your work experience with your educational background. Again, tell the basics – name and location of school, major, degree earned. Add bullets detailing any special awards or recognition attained in school; if you didn’t receive any awards or recognition, don’t include the bullets. And only include accomplishments that would relate to the job you are seeking now; if you are applying for a job as an accountant, your future employer won’t care that you performed in a jazz club. 

  In short, if you pare your resume down to the most compelling details, it probably will not run over one or two pages, which really is the perfect length, and also just as long as it needs to be.  Let 1-on-1-resumes.com help YOU!...

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