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Shadowing An Employer

  No, of course we don’t mean you should really stalk anyone! But you can learn a great deal about a prospective employer, and he or she can learn a great deal about you, by asking to observe the behind-the-scenes operations of the company for a day.  

  Suppose you are interested in learning more about a certain field that is outside the pale of anything you have ever done. If you just send a resume and cover letter, it will likely wind up in the trash, because the employer won’t see you as being a good fit for the position. In this situation, try phoning the employer directly and asking for an appointment to learn more about that line of work. Call it an “informational interview.”   

  Take some time before the interview to come up with an extensive list of questions to give you a comprehensive picture of your new field. Also, do some internet research on that line of work so you will be able to participate in the discussion intelligently. Then, on the appointed day, dress very professionally and bring a copy of your resume, carefully crafted to highlight the general type of skills you believe the employer is seeking (presentation, computer, mechanical, sales, etc.). Spend as much time in your employer’s office as you need (or as much as he or she is willing to allow you), learning as much as possible. Make sure you just aren’t nodding and making agreeable sounds; share your new-found knowledge so the employer will know you’ve done your homework before coming in.  

  During this conversation, you will probably zero in on one or two specific positions that interest you. Ask the employer if it would be possible to spend an afternoon with someone in your desired area to get a better idea of the demands of their job. If there are no open positions in the company at that time, make sure to stress you’re not threatening a current employee’s job! You’re really just trying to learn more about the company and the types of careers represented there. 

  If you like the company, make sure to touch base with the employer again before you leave, extending your appreciation for everyone’s time and asking to be kept appraised of any upcoming openings. Follow up by sending a thank-you note several days afterward. This is a remarkably successful tool for cementing your face, personality, and skills in the mind of a potential employer, ensuring that when an opening occurs, you’ll be the first person called!

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