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Should You Have More Than One Resume?

  There may be good reasons to have more than one resume and 1-on-1-resumes.com can certainly help! For example, if you are trying to leave your job search options a little bit open, you may want to have one resume consciously slanted toward a very narrow definition of your career, and another that is more generalized. An example would be a person who really would like to get into curriculum development but would consider using their teaching background in a human services capacity. This person could benefit from having one resume emphasizing their writing and planning abilities, with a heavy emphasis on education, and also having a second resume slanted toward personal interaction.

  But if you have two different accounts of your background and experience, wouldn’t one of them be a lie? Not at all! I could go on at length about my background and experience as a writer. I could also go on at length about my background and experience as a mom. Neither would be the least bit untrue; the two different accounts simply stress different things.  

  When compiling a secondary resume, your name, address, and contact information will probably remain the same. Your bare-bones job history – who you worked for, when, and for how long – will probably remain the same as well. What would change would be the information you provide describing your accomplishments, skills, and strengths. Slant these toward the requirements of the type of job you’re seeking. And feel free to add in any volunteer experience or education that might substantiate your facts. 

  Should you make up a different resume for every job you pursue? That would be a bit much. In all likelihood, you do have some idea of the fields that interest you and the types of jobs for which you are qualified. These probably can be separated into no more than two or three categories; consequently, two resumes – three at the most – should be adequate for even the most fickle of jobhunters. 

  But feel free to play with your resumes, bringing out different aspects of your personality. You’ll learn a great deal about yourself in the process, and perhaps incline yourself toward fields you might never have considered otherwise!

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